Elon Musk Grok

Titled as the “Conversational AI for understanding the universe” on its homepage, Elon Musk’s chatbot has officially launched in a beta testing phase, available to selected users or locations.

Elon Musk has once again embarked on a new venture, this time creating his own AI model named Grok. However, in typical Musk fashion, Grok distinguishes itself from other forms of technology by incorporating a touch of humor into its responses.

The chatbot is currently in its “early beta” phase and will be accessible to X Premium+ Subscribers, who undoubtedly exist somewhere out there. Musk emphasizes that Grok holds a “massive advantage” over other AI bots due to its real-time access to X. It also appears to possess a hint of attitude.

In response to a user, Musk expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We worked hard to ensure Grok was funny. If AI is going to take over, please let it at least make us laugh.” Surely, someone out there is finding humor in this.

The website further explains that Grok is designed to serve as a “powerful research assistant,” enabling access to data and positioning itself as a rival to the likes of ChatGPT. While there is no current release date, interested individuals can sign up to join the waitlist. If Grok’s reception mirrors Musk’s recent business endeavors, it may either fade into obscurity or revolutionize everything!

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